oriental dance sheherezade

...through learning the art of belly dance, performing, teaching, creating choreographies and traveling around the world, we awaken the dream of Orient, in which veils are uncovered, candles are lit, swords are swayed, stories are told and hips are moved...


Our performances include charity balls, gala evenings, parties, weddings, TV shows…


*** We are happy to be able to share our latest successful results with you:

– First place, category Ethno, group – International Dance Grand Prix Sisak, Croatia – lockdown festival, 2020
– First place, category Oriental Dance, Group, Oriental Love Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019
– First place, category Oriental Dance, Group, IDC – Island Dance Competition, Malinska, Krk, Croatia; 2017., 2018. & 2019.


*** We are very happy to share our wonderful success with you, at the International Oriental Dance Festival Mahrajane Al Sharq in Paris, France:

* In April, 2015 – First place in the  Festival competition
* In February, 2014 – Second place in the  Festival competition
* In February, 2013 – First place in the  Festival competition


Festivals & Culture-related Events:
“Kulturama” 2008., Buje, HR
Culture & Architecture Project, Faculty of Architecture Zagreb
“Bazar” 2009., Ljubljana, SLO
“Špas Fest” 2009., Maribor, SLO – invited by “Hiša Zahir”, Maribor
“Bazar” 2010., Ljubljana, SLO
Student Show Sheherezade with Boženka, 2011., Zagreb, HR
“Love 2 Belly Dance” Nina and Friends, , 2011., Zagreb, HR
“CEST is D BEST” 2011., Zagreb, HR
“Orijent Fest” by Zuzana, 2011., Zagreb, HR
First Croatian-Turkish Friendship Picnic 2011., Velika Gorica, HR
Animal Rights Day, Bundek, Zagreb, HR
“ZeGeVege Festival”, Zagreb, HR
“Nawar Festival” 2011., Ljubljana, SLO
“European Theater Night” 2011.,2012., Zagreb, HR
“Christmas Fairy Tale in Samobor” 2011., Samobor, HR
“20 years of Kinoteka”, Zagreb, HR
“Hesh Beshk Festival”, Venice, Italy
“Bouqet Oriental”, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Oriental Fever” by Nina and Friends, Zagreb, Croatia
“Oriental Love” by Leila, Belgrade, Serbia


“1001 Nights” *** Project Hosted by:
Art Cafe Ex-Kinoteka, Zagreb
Club Londoner, Jarun- Zagreb
Restaurant Sempre, Zagreb
Metropolis Club, Zagreb

*** If you wish to host the “1001 Nights” Project, feel free to contact us.


Radio and TV Shows:
Radio Student
HTV, “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”
OTV, “Celebrity City”
RTL Hrvatska, “Jezikova juha”
Soundset Plavi radio
RTL Hrvatska, “Ekskluziv”

Hotel Antunović, Zagreb
Hotel The Regent Esplanade, Zagreb
Hotel Westin, Zagreb
Hotel Allegra, Kalkan, Turkey
Hotel Villa Royale Montsouris, Paris, France

Castles, Museums, Clubs:
Muzej Mimara, Zagreb
Dvorac Gjalski, Zabok
Hemingway bar, Tuškanac, Zagreb
Adria Casino Flash, Zagreb
Adria Casino Star, Kutina
Club Londoner, Jarun – Zagreb
Escobar Oriental Bar, Avenue Mall, Zagreb
Club Sax!, Zagreb

Restoran Paviljon, Zagreb
Restoran Zelenjak, Kumrovec
Restoran Oaza, Cazin, BiH
Restoran Regata, Jagodno
Restoran K pivovari, Zagreb
Restoran Hippodrome, Zagreb
Restoran Zagrebački bijeli, Zagreb
Restoran Ali Baba’s, Kalkan, Turkey
Restoran Sempre, Zagreb
Restoran Šljukin gon, Bjelovar
Restoran Karaka, Zagreb
Restoran Delizie Libanesi, Zagreb
Restoran Primošten, Zagreb


*Photo: Zdenko Grgić*